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Submission Guidelines




The Carnival will be posted every OTHER Monday, so please submit before 6 PM Eastern Time on the Sunday prior.


The purpose of this is to showcase the panoply of great writing within the LIS blogosphere and to expose the world to as many LIS blogs as possible, so let's limit submissions to one per weblog per week. One submitter can send multiple submissions, but just from different blogs.  Naturally, we're looking for submissions containing original thought and opinions, rather than regurgitation and reiteration.


The week's host has editorial control over what is included or not included, although I encourage a general atmosphere of inclusivity and diversity, where practicable.


Sending Submissions via form or email


If you are a blogger, publish your entries as you normally would, but submit the link to the article via the Blog Carnival submission form or via email to Chadwick. Submissions sent through the form will be forwarded to the current host, as the location for the Carnival travels from one site to another (just like a meatspace carnival).


If you would, please include the following:




Tagging Submissions in


You may also use the social bookmarking service to submit items for inclusion in the Carnival.  If you use you will need to use the tag carninfo. You must include a short description or summary of the entry AND your name or other moniker by which you wish to be referenced. Both of these pieces of info may be added to the tagged item in the "Notes" field. Items tagged without a summary and name will not meet the submission guidelines and won't be included in the Carnival.


Spam & Non-LIS topics


We get a fair amount of submissions that could be considered spam. Many of these are from sites promoting online schools or distance learning support services. These are often decent posts, but do not fit the submission guidelines by coming from a Library and Information Science blog. Most of them are just "How to" articles on conducting online research. Hosts may use their judgement on these.


Once the Carnival post goes up, please link back to it. That's how we draw attention to it and give the idea legs.