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Hosting Guidelines


Here's the one ground rule for hosting: in order to be a host, you must submit one post for inclusion. It's that simple; submit once, permanent hosting qualification.


If you would like to host and have submitted an article at any point, then drop me a line via email and I'll add your site to the hosting list. If you've hosted and would like to host again, you simply go to the back of the line.


Here's how the hosting process works. Two weeks before your hosting date, you post to your blog soliciting submissions. You close submissions by 6 PM Sunday evening to give yourself time to put the post together. It is posted sometime on Monday (your hosting date). Your post includes not only the selected posts of the week, but a link to the next host. At that point, the next host opens the floor for submissions on his/her blog and the process continues.


The host has editorial control and can present links in whatever fashion preferred, but hosts should add some commentary to the links to encourage readers to follow the links. If you feel short on content, dig around on your own for some additional entries to include.


Spam & Non-LIS topics - We get a fair amount of submissions that could be considered spam. Many of these are from sites promoting online schools or distance learning support services. These are often decent posts, but do not fit the submission guidelines by coming from a Library and Information Science blog. Most of them are just "How to" articles on conducting online research. Hosts may use their judgement on these.


If you have questions or suggestions, please contact me.